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Reasons to Install a Backwater Valve

Cheap Backwater Valve Install TorontoRegardless of the location of your property, there is still that chance it could be affected severely by floods. Thus, it is imperative you take adequate precautions against your property becoming submerged by floods. A lot of people are unaware of the risk involved in leaving your property without protection. Here are some common ways your home could be affected by a flood:

The drainage system around the city is often at risk whenever excessive rainfall is recorded which is quite frequent.

A property without flood protection for its basement is often affected whenever there is a reverse drainage sequence from the heavily burdened drainage system of the city.

Strangely, many believe their property is not susceptible to flooding since it hasn't occurred in the past. They couldn't be much farther from the truth.

What are the necessary precautions you will need to take to ensure your property is adequately protected? A lot has been spent on ensuring the drainage system within cities are in order and doesn't become overloaded. However, homeowners have a role to play in preventing the possibility of a basement flooding due to flawed drain. Some of the measures you will need to take include:

It would be ideal to have a backwater valve setup in Ottawa within your property since it prevents water from entering your property but permits water to leave. A drainage system consisting of a sump pit is also important since it ensures floodwater is collected in the sump pit and removed through the drains. So, it is important you have this setup on your property. Besides, the regulations demand newly constructed properties have these fittings installed. Houses constructed within the last 40 years are compelled under the law to have the backwater valves installed on their property. Those houses constructed 30 years ago are bound by the law to have sump pumps installed around a compulsory sump pit dug into the ground in addition to the earlier regulation about backwater valves. Properties in recently established districts and those in the suburbs are affected by these regulations.

Backwater Valve

A lot of people are unfamiliar with how important a backwater valve is until an unfortunate incident occurs. For a gadget which averts flooding on a property by forestalling the movement of sewage into the basement of your property from a heavily burdened city drainage system, the backwater valve is relatively undervalued.

The operation of a backwater valve is based on a single principle; it closes once there is a movement of sewage in reverse order. It is necessary that the backwater valve is perfectly positioned to prevent sewage getting into your home through other channels within your basement.

What happens to your plumbing system when the backwater valve closes? The storm drain in your home will most likely flood your basement when the valve closes. This is one of the reasons why the backwater valve alone isn't efficient.

Sump pit

The sump pit doesn't work alone. There are several other integral components which make up the drainage system here such as the sump pump, and the discharge pipe of the sump pump.

The mode of operation of the sump pit drainage is a unique one. Drain tiles discharge the water to the surface which coincides with the floor of your basement, and the sump pit in the floor of the same basement keeps the water in one place.

The sump pump and the discharge pipe play important roles as well. The sump pump together with the discharge pipe removes the water collected by the sump pit by channeling same outside your property.

To avoid flooding your property through the activities of your sump pit drainage system, position the discharge pipe of the sump pump, so the water is channeled to a section of your property in which the surface is porous. If you want to make sure that the installation is going according to plan, we highly recommend that you work with the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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