Bringing Seniors and Services Together

Frequently Asked Questions

You may or not be aware of the Caregiver's guide on the City of Ottawa's website but you can find it at this link at 

Whether you're a seniors or know a seniors that needs companionship this organization in Ottawa may offer some help there.

“Volunteering can play a vital role in healthy aging.

Did you know that there are up to 1,500 people in Ontario who are on the waiting list for an organ transplant?

Stay away from GMO foods

Monsanto is the world leader in GM crops, and their Web site would have you believe that they are the answer to world hunger.

Check out this very interesting talk about how our diet and changing a few things may improve our fight against Alzheimer's Disease, we already kno

Chances are that your garbage day is changing October 29th.

On of the most common qu

Taken from Ottawa Citizen - Friday September 7th.OC Transpo is offering certain discount fares for Seniors 65 Plus