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The 2013 Edition of the Ottawa Retirement Residence Guide is ready

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Looking for a Retirement Residence in Ottawa? With over 170 locations finding the right place can be overwhelming. 

Have all the information at your fingertips!

For more than 13 years the website has been collecting and maintaining a database of the most complete information on Ottawa's Retirement Residence choices. Now, we have just made it easier by consolidating all of the most recent information in an easy to read and use E-Book.

Now you can get your own complete copy of the database in our new downloadable E-Book and be researching the data in minutes. Use this guide to narrow down the choices to a few great possibilities! 

Perhaps you're trying to assist your parents in their search for a comfortable home.  You might want to order a copy of the book and give it to them as a gift - you can even send it to them via email. Retirement Residences 2013
E-Book - Just $12.99
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What will you get?

160 pages of information giving you the details on over 170 properties with pricing, features, contact info, websites, photos, locations..

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Contact Info including phone numbers, email addresses & website 
  • Photos
  • Locations

Download the complete database on your computer right now and be able to print off whatever pages you need to help you in your search. 

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