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Services for which we have an address will show up on the map below and also services in the category of General Info will be listed below the map if you scroll down even if we don't have a physical address for them.


Ottawa Residents Now Have a Way to Travel with Allegiant Air for Your Low Cost Florida Vacations

Para Transpo is a door to door transportation service for persons with disabilities, which prevent them from being ab

The Centre provides Information and Referral to community resources (counselling,

This is an information site designed to answer most common questions seniors and caregivers may have.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has an online doctor search at this website link to help you findin

Did you know you can browse the entire Library collection from the comfort of your home.

Family Service a la Famille Ottawa offers many programs and services; counselling program allows you to talk privatel

Have you moved to Ottawa in the last two years?

The premier website for Seniors in Ottawa.

A wealth of information on all kinds of health issues at this site.